Design Consultation

Design Consultation - $100 and up

Includes but may not be limited to intake of information from the client and discussion of details such as space, use requirements, budget and wishes of the client

Design Fee

Hourly Design Fee - $75

A client will pay the designer for each hour worked on the project. 

Flat Rate Fee - One rate for the entire project. 

Typically, this does not include furniture and other items but is the price for the designer’s work and time on the project.  The exact scope of the project and what the flat fee includes will be spelled out in the contract.   This fee is calculated by any number of factors like square footage, estimated time and budget.

Color Palette

Color Palette - $150 and up

Choosing paint colors or fabric colors that work harmoniously with each other

Design Board

Design Board - $150 and up

A visual presentation of the clients design 

Digital Design

Digital Design - $250 and up

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